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Alexandre VIROS
10 rue des peupliers
29260 Ploudaniel
(+33) 7 60 65 30 61

Engineering student in computer science, networks and telecommunications at Télécom Bretagne (France)


2013Communication and Embedded System Design Engineering
Project Management
University Of California Irvine (Etats-Unis, Californie)
2013Graduate Engineering School in Networks Engineering and Telecommunications with Committee Praise
Télécom Bretagne, Brest (France)
2010Technical Diploma in Networks Engineering and Telecommunications (valedictorian)
IUT Lannion, Lannion (France)
2008A-Levels in Science
Lycée Saint Francois Lesneven (France, 29)


Computer Science: Programming languages: C, C++/Qt, C#, Java
Web programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, AJAX
System programming languages: Bash
Programming tools: Maven, SVN
Operating system: Linux, Windows
Embedded system: Microprocesseur PIC, STK600
Software package: Microsoft Office, Orcad-Pspice, Matlab, Visual Studio, Eclipse
Database: SQL, Firebird, SQlite
Project Management: Project Scheduling, Risk, Cost and Procurement Management
Project Control and Monitoring, Management of Multiple Project
Management, Leadership & Team Building
Networking Skills: Cabling, network management (Switch HP, routeur CISCO)
Service and feature (POP3, SMTP, FTP,WEB, IPv4, IPv6, DHCP, NAT, DNS, Vlan, RIP et OSPF)
Telephony (PABX Alcatel, VoIP, SIP)
Sniffer : Wireshark
Electronics and Telecommunications: Analogue electronics: Operational amplifiers, passive & active filters
Digital electronics: Digital coding, programmable circuits, memories
Signal processing: Sampling, Fourier Analysis, analogue + digital filters
Signal transmission: Digital modulation and demodulation, antennae, fiber optics
Languages : Fluency in French and English

Work Experience

2010 - 2013
Software Engineer - DCNS - Brest (29)
  • Developed software to supervise up to 10 atomic clock (very accurate clock) in JAVA language (serial communication, electronic measuring device, GUI)
  • Developed a system to measure the shift between two distants atomics clocks using the Global Positioning System (GPS) in JAVA language (serial communication, data processing)
  • Developed a system of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) in JAVA language (serial communication, client-server TCP, UHF radio, data processing, GUI, PC104, embedded system, GPS knowledge)
  • Developed software for a VHF/UHF radio in C++/Qt language (serial communication, client-server TCP, GUI using touch-sensitive screen)
Apr to Jun
Software Developer - DCNS - Brest (29)
  • Developed software for a VHF/UHF radio in Java
2008 à 2010
Postman at la Poste - Brest (29)
  • Sorted and mail delivered


Last update: 05/22/2013